So everyone loves free money and one way to get yourself on some of the sweet free money. is to apply for a Tax Refund at the end of every financial year, most Kiwis working full time on average will get back about $400 per year and you can apply going back 5 years. So how can we do this we have all seen the stories are the mall and adds on TV but some of that business can charge you anywhere from $50 to $150 sometimes more.

I am here to tell you a no bull easy way to keep 100% on your own money, I will be doing myself out of some business and I won’t be too popular with my accountant friends, but everyone should be doing this after all it is your money.

Your will need to be

  • nrH3fPD4sJ5UPCWEERFcpCWll6AUUTHHpfuExjDKHelgdeTGJ6Kurx5TOu1Fd6rOaXbTp3XL_odNmtnaS9E=s0-d-e1-ftwere a beneficiary, salary or wage earner
  • paid donations
  • filed a tax return (your boss will do this for you)

What do I need

  • IRD number
  • sign up to a My IR Account
  • Bank account number
  1. So the first thing you will need is to create a
  2. MyIR Account this can be done here then once this is done you will need to add you Bank Account to your my Details page.  (only once(
  3. Then you need to call the IRD 0800 775 247 and say “Income Tax” the then will ask you for your IRD number my advice is to say “I don’t have it” as then you will put through to a real person and then they will confirm your IRD number and personal details.
  4. then you want to ask for a personal tax summary and a tax refund, the people over at the IRD are they to help and answer any question you have.


Useful IRD links

Tax Refunds information


Create a MyIR Account


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