We are a Business Consulting firm specialising in Business Development and Tax Accounting.

Emet Education

Our programs are developed to help deliver, the best hands on practical education, something we like to call real-world education. Through our partnerships with XERO, and Auckland Community Education we can provide corporate and classroom based learning across Auckland in convenient locations.
Tax Accounting Services

  • All types of tax retunes personal and company
  • GST, Withholding Tax
  • Payroll and Invoicing
  • Day to Day Bookkeeping

    Emet is a Certified partner using Xero for account management and to give our client the best and easy access and over their information.

    Business Development Services

  •     Business Development and Planning
  •     Budgeting and Cost Cutting Consulting
  •     Online Marketing
  •     Recruitment and HR
  •     Training and Networking
  •     business mediation
  •     International Trade
  •     Export & Import


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