Our Mission

Our Mission

We are a local and dedicated New Zealand Business Consultancy and Tax Accountants  working with small to medium business and NGO’s  in New Zealand and Asia Pacific regions to increase trade, profitability building trust and friendly networks on a practical level  for our client’s and the business community.

We aim to achieve this by starting at the the ground and implementing practical processes that can be seen right away moving your business forward with positive results. We believe building a good business and business networks are like building a house, you start with the foundations and you work your way up.
We want to change the world by opening up the world of business to millions of people and making them masters of their own destiny.

Corporate Values

Our corporate values ​​always lead us to do our best and find the most effective solutions for you, your business  for every one of our customer . We are always honest and friendly, and  we work together with our customer on solutions that best suit your business.

We are not a sales company and we never plan to be so we will never push or recommend products you don’t need, simply put it’s not our business. We believe if you want something done right it’s best to do it yourself.  With the right attitude and a little training we know every business can achieve anything.
Yours Sincerely
Balarama Lauder
Emet Business Consulting – CEO


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